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          Welcome to the official website of suzhou weizheng precision tools co., LTD

          suzhou weizheng precision tools co., LTD

          Suzhou Weizheng Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of magnetic stands and related magnetic tools. After experiencing more than two decades of manufacturing processes and absorbing the advanced technologies and concepts from foreign counterparts, our companys main product--magnetic stand (JB/T10010-2010), is researched, developed, and manufactured a series of products: Hinge-style clamp, Hydraulic universal, Mechanical universal, Flexible stem, Claw-style clamp, etc. series magnetic stands, which can be used in conjunction with dial indicators and dial test indicators to meet the demands of various kinds of measurement in the machinery manufacturing industry. Our products are exported to six continents and also services for domestic relative measuring instrument industry. We would like to express our gratitude for all customers’ affection and support which promotes the healthy development of our company.

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          tel:0512-52418118 52418228
          Add:No.Zhangwei Rod,ZhangQiao,XinZhuang Town,ChangShu City,JiangSu Province,China 215552

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